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Are You New to Online Business? Do You Want A Complete Package for Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing?

Discover The Newbie Affiliate Marketing Package That Contains Step-By-Step Blueprint on How to Start From Scratch and Become The Affiliate Millionaire!"

Save Time And Money With Step-by-step Video Tutorials. Reduce your Learning Curve by As Much As 75%! Learn What Could Cost You as Much as $100-$1000 in Just 10min to 1 hour At Your Spare Time!

From The Desk of: Dr Oneness

Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear Prospective Affiliate Millionaire,

How can you easily & legitimately start making $1000 or more monthly with little or no starting capital, say in the next 7 days?

...the answer is Online Business!!

Yes, making money online is the fastest, easiest, cheapest and most exciting way of making money today. Why? Because:

§        You don’t need much capital. In fact you can start with zero capital.

§        You can do it from your home.

§        You don’t need employees

§        You can make as much or as little as you want

§        You do all these at your own time.

§        The market is 24/7, i.e. 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

§        Your prospects are worldwide – no geographical boundaries

§        You have more control, less hassle, greater freedom and more money.

Among the many ways you can make money on the Internet, one of the easiest is Affiliate Marketing, which is selling other people's products and services online. Affiliate marketing is a proven money-making model you can focus on for your business and is still, the number one way for aspiring Internet entrepreneurs to get started. Why? Because:

1.    There's no inventory expense

2.    No hassles with payment processors

3.    No extra time spent on processing refunds or returns

But you still need to learn the basics and practice all the essential marketing skills that will bring success in any other business you pursue. This is where many beginners fail. They have been told that you can make money fast and they attend 1-day or 2-days seminars or read on 'make-money-quick' e-book and immediately start, only to discover that they have not made a dime for 6 months. They quickly conclude - it doesn't work or it is a scam. Far from it. The reason for failure is inadequate training. They lack the technical, marketing and business skills required to start making money like the gurus. While it is possible to outsource many of the techie part, you will find out later that you need to understand how these things work. Thus you need to learn the basics, you need a blueprint and a system to succeed.

Introducing The Affiliate Millionaire Package

Affiliate marketing can be a recurring income system, which you can setup in less than 3 hours and enjoy inflow of autopilot income for a long time - if you know what to do. It is a proven money-making system and you can start without spending a dime. The Affiliate Millionaire system is such a package that comes complete with EVERYTHING you need to start and make money in 7 days. However, to succeed you must follow a proven blueprint. That is why we created the Affiliate Millionaire Package for newbies. It will show you how you can Make money Online, in the affiliate marketing business model within 1 week.

The Step-by-step Affiliate Millionaire Blueprint Contained in The Affiliate Millionaire Package!


In a nutshell, the steps you require to carry out your affiliate marketing business are as follows:

Determine a profitable market with hungry buyers
Find keywords that these buyers are using to search for information in the search engines
Choose an affiliate program that has products to sell to the hungry buyers.
Pick a product to sell that matches the search terms (keywords which the buyers are using to search) and get an affiliate link.
Create a website to recommend the product to your website visitors, with a strategy to capture your visitors name and email for subsequent follow-up. For this you will require an Autoresponder.
Launch a traffic assault to attract hungry buyers to your review page
Relax and collect your money when they buy the product.
Repeat from step 4 with new products or from step 1 with new profitable market.


The above steps are what the super affiliates follow rigidly and make millions online, and they are fully covered in the "How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing: A Step-by-Step Blueprint" e-book, supported by the rest of the package.


See What You Will Get In The Affiliate Millionaire Package:

Module 1: Affiliate Millionaire Blueprint E-Book!

The Affiliate Millionaire e-book covering the Affiliate Marketing step-by-step blueprint for the newbie affiliate.


This book covers step-by-step the three affiliate marketing blueprints - pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead and pay-per-click (Adsense). Some of the topics include how to find profitable markets and products, how to design websites and review pages, how to write new articles or rewrite PLR articles. Also included are how to find website visitors with money to buy for free. A special technique will enable you to start making money in 7 days.


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Module 2: Step-by-Step Tutorial Videos!

Complete step-by-step tutorial videos and audios that takes you by the hand and show you how to do EVERYTHING online thereby reducing your learning curve by 75%:

  • Blogging Made Easy With Wordpress

  • Internet Marketing Basics Videos

  • cPanel Basic Videos

  • Mini-Site Made Easy With FrontPage

  • List Building Videos




Module 3: Top Quality Affiliate Marketing E-books!

Several top quality affiliate marketing e-books with Master Resell Rights by super affiliates such as:


  • Become an Affiliate Marketing Master!

  • Automatic money machines

  • Affiliate Review Riches Exposed

  • License to print money

  • Secret affiliate wizard

  • Quick start affiliate marketing

  • Big time commission checks




Module 4: Internet Marketing Basics E-books!

Several e-books on Internet Marketing Basics with Master Resell Rights such as:

  • Home Business Wealth guide

  • Getting started online fast

  • Internet Marketing Success Formula

  • Lazy man’s way writing articles

  • Bum Marketing Evolved

  • Guide for writing articles

  • Wordpress tutorial for beginners

  • Blog setup guide

  • How to create a free blog

  • Bloggers guide to profits 

  • Blog cash System

  • List building with Alex:

  • List building 101

  • Newbie Toolkit: How To Get And Promote Your First Affiliate Products


Module 5: Website Design Basics E-books!

E-books on how to design a website plus design templates with Master Resell Rights such as:

  • How to design a profitable website

  • Create your first website

  • Squeeze page profit system

  • The HTML Mini-course



Module 6: 1000+ PLR Articles!

1000+ PLR articles one different niches that you can re-write and use as blog posts or submit to article directories.



Module 7: Traffic Assault launch e-books!

Traffic Assault strategies and step-by-step e-books covering:

  • Article Marketing

  • Book marking sites

  • Social Networking Sites

  • Forum Marketing

  • Video Marketing

  • E-mail Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization



Here are SAMPLES of the products you'll own and use to make money once you download this package:

  Product #1 - Affiliate Millionaire e-Book



A 110-page complete step-by-step information about making money with affiliate marketing using free traffic resources for the complete newbie. Deals with the 3 forms of affiliate marketing - Pay-per-sale, Pay-per-leads and Pay-per-click (Adsense).







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How To Get And Promote Your First Affiliate Products


  Product #3 - First 100 Dollars





Discover How to Make Your First $100 with Affiliate Marketing and Adsense using Free Blog



  Product #4 - How To Create A Free Blog




A step-by-step tutorial with screen shots for creating a FREE blog in quick and easy.


  Product #5 - Money Making Formula






A step by step guide to make money online!


  Product #6 - Blogging Made Easy With Wordpress




A complete 10 videos for installing, setting up, configuring and managing a wordpress blog. Includes Master resell rights.

Without a doubt, Wordpress is currently one of the most popular blog applications being used right now, period! When you use Wordpress on your own server instead of a hosted blog like Blogger or Multiply, you have the full flexibility on how you want to run your blog and what you want to do with it.

Unfortunately, Wordpress currently doesn't offer detailed step-by-step video tutorials on how to use the application. Thus, newbies who wish to run their own Wordpress blogs on their servers find it a daunting task to learn the technical aspects on how to install, configure and run the blog application as a whole.

Therefore, Blogging Made Easy With Wordpress has been developed to answer that call!! :-? With these vide tutorials, setting up your Wordpress blog on your server will be a breeze.


  Product #7 - cPanel Basic Videos


How You Can Manage & Use Your cPanel® Hosting Account Quickly & Easily With These Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

cPanel is currently one of the most popular web hosting control panels that are currently available today. There are thousands of webmasters using this control panel and every single day, more new people are getting their hosting accounts with this control panel pre-installed.

Therefore, these video tutorials will surely help those who wish to set up their site quickly and easily in the shortest possible time. The demand for a product like this is simply overwhelming, and thus you market this product easily, and not to mention that you have the ability to give away this product for free with your customized copy so that you'll earn from the back-end income.


  Product #8 - Mini-Site Made Easy With FrontPage


How To Set Up Your Mini-Sites Quickly & Easily Using Microsoft FrontPage-2003!

Creating a mini-site website from scratch is one of the most difficult tasks that you might encounter when trying to make a living online. You can either start learning by reading "hard-to-read" manuals and ebooks or even hire a website designer who commands a very high fee to get your website created.

But now all those are just a thing of the past.

The series of coaching video tutorials which you're seeing right now will show you every single step in my minisite creation. And - it doesn't matter if you've never created a web page before, I'll show you every single step from scratch.

I'm using the latest version of FrontPage for this tutorials before it was updated and had it's name changed to Web Expression. FrontPage is still being widely used by many webmasters and you can still get the original but used software easily by going to eBay.


  Product #9 - Clickbank 4 Newbies





How To Harness The Affiliate marketing Power of The Worlds Largest Digital Product Marketplace -


  Product #10 - HTML Mini Course

This book is choc-a-bloc with many valuable tips to help you on your
way to learning HTML easily.


  Product #11 - Webhosting For Newbies



Discover what to look for in a web host and get started using your account



  Product #12 - Blogging For Moolah



Blogging For Moolah


  Product #13 - How To Bookmark For Free Traffic



How to bookmark for free traffic in the Social Booking Sites


  Product #14 - How to Get Visitors



Learn How to get up to 2,500 visitors in just 7 days using 15 free traffic generating techniques


  Product #15 - Get Stared with Social Marketing




Generate FREE traffic with web2.0 social media


  Product #16 - How To Find A Killer Niche


A Step-by-step Approach to Finding the
Best Niches in which to Market a Product or Service
through proper research.


  Product#17 - Make Money With Affiliate Programs


A Beginner's Guide:
5 Simple Steps to Start Making Money with Affiliate Programs


  Product #18 - Secrets of Affiliate Marketing




Discover the Killer Secrets of Affiliate Marketing for Unstoppable Income


  Product #19 - Work From Home Riches




What you need to do as a self-employed work-at-home entrepreneur before you give your boss the pink slip!


  Product #20 - 8 Wordpress Themes With PLR


Discover 8 New Wordpress Themes You Can Use For Your Wordpress Blog. Comes With Private Label Rights (PLR)!



  Product #21 - List Building With Alex


You will learn step by step how you can build a huge and responsive list, just like Alex.



  Product #22 - List Building 101




List Building 101: Get 1000 Members In A Month


  Product #23 - The 48-Hour Affiliate Action Plan


New Report Gives You A Step-By-Step Affiliate Marketing 48-Hour Action Plan For Making Money Online Fast And How To Create Your Own Money Making Website In Less That 48 hours



  Product #24 - Adsense The Easy Way












2500 Private Label Articles You Can Modify and Use as Blog Posts or Submit to Article Directories



......And Many More!



All The Products In This Package Come With Resell Rights or Giveaway Rights!



Buying all of these RR products individually could literally cost you thousands of dollars.  Many of these products regularly sell for upwards of $67 (and sometimes more). The videos alone could cost you more that $50 each.


But you won't pay anywhere close to that today.  But before I get to that, I forgot to mention that . . .


...if you take advantage of this today, you won't pay anywhere near that.  You can get all the products with Resell Rights/Master Resell Rights, for just $197 $9.99!


That's less than $0.2 per product!  This offer is practically a steal!



Lets Recap What You are Going To Get For the Low Low Price of $9.99:


Here Are Your Products

Affiliate Millionaire E-Book:

1. The Affiliate Millionaire

Affiliate Marketing: Adsense

1. Adsense the easy way

2. Google Adsense Simplified

Affiliate Marketing: Pay-per-sale

1. Clickbank for newbies:

2. License to print money:

3. Secrets of Affiliate marketing

4. Copy Super affiliates

5. My first affiliate dollar

6. Affiliate review riches exposed

7. Automatic money machines

8. Easy Affiliate

Articles Marketing

1. Lazy man’s way writing articles

2. Bum Marketing Evolved

3. Guide for writing articles


1. Wordpress tutorial for beginners

2. Blog setup guide

3. How to create a free blog

4. Bloggers guide to profits

5. Blog cash System

6. Blogging Made Easy With Wordpress

7. 8 Wordpress Themes

List Building

1. List building with Alex

2. List building 101

3. List Building Videos


1. Web 2.0 Revealed

2. Tweet your blog

3. Squidoo Basics

4. Bookmark for free web traffic

5. Web Marketers traffic course

6. Squidoo Profits Plan

Internet Marketing

1. Home Business Wealth guide

2. Getting started online fast

3. Internet Marketing Success Formula

4. Internet Marketing Basics Videos

5. How to find a killer niche

Website Design

1. How to design a profitable website

2. Create your first website

3. Squeeze page profit system

4. The HTML Mini-course

5. cPanel Basic Videos

6. Mini-Site Made Easy With FrontPage

PLR Articles

1. 1500 PLR Articles

2. 1000 PLR Articles



What Can You Do With This Package?


That's the great thing about this offer - you have several different options here . .

  • You can use this same offer as your One Time Offers

  • You can sell each of these products individually

  • You can use the products for yourself and learn from all of this top quality information and make money online like the BIG affiliates do

  • You can even break this down into 2 or 3 other special offers


60-Day Risk-Free Guarantee!

That Means Within 60 Days If You Are Not Entirely Satisfied For Whatever Reason We Will Refund 100% Of Your Money...

ON THE SPOT… No Questions Asked…
Seriously you have nothing to lose…and your whole life to gain …

Picture how good you will feel when you download these ebooks right now, knowing that you are completely risk free…

Like I said, you have several different options.  No matter what you do with this package, you're sure to see a great return on your investment in this package.

We are truly confident in our product and we know you are going to be elated by the results it brings to your business.



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Just $9.99

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Wishing You the Best of Success!

Dr Oneness

PS: This is one in a Life-time Insane Offer and is Only Guaranteed for Right Now . . . Anytime from now, it Could be Withdrawn and may be Gone Forever!

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Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it's potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request.  The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.  Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.  As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. 

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